Wednesday, April 20, 2011


* Long time never update this territory* huhuhu..

Yaa, what u think about STRESS, PATIENCE, ANGER??
Are this 3 related?? (For me yup!!)
When stress, ur kesabaran level will decrease time by time and at the end the anger will control u... 
Now, ANGER is the KING..huhuhu (King of ur heart....*ngan muka ntah pape*)

Me and me and me.... *it's all about me* yuhuuu..
Emm, me bila stress yg teramat sgt and org lain lak buat hal..
*Especially working time la. U run like a turtle, front, back, left, right, up, down blablabla...but them juz sit and see.. Stand like a model only!!*
(Kura-kura lari laju ke??kah3)
and duno how to do work even simple things..
and make me feel like heel..hell..hell..( xnk la gi hell..scarry..)
Tahap kesabaran aku akan decrease sikit demi sedikit sampi tinggal seciput je..huhuhu..
So, my anger will start to control me. Increase sikit by sikit..huhuhu..
Lama-lama graph kemarahan lagi tinggi dari kesabaran..huhuhu..
My voice pon increase sedikit demi sedikit..huhu *normally for problamatic person la..*
But most of the time i juz ignore ape yg orang cakap or juz say "ye", "ok", "nntilah".. (simple answer only la..)
the best things keep silent..huhuhu...
(All this way can control my temper.. So, i'll cool down bebeh..)

p/s : I'm juz human being. Sumtimes do mistake and can't control it..
       Learn how to manage ur temper / anger k...

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