Friday, April 29, 2011


U know Mizz Nina?? It's me!!! 
( Wow!!bajet i'm so gorgeous and popular la kan...huhuhu )

"Baby I never seen someone with your body
You make me wanna get a little naughty
Hey baby come and get me it’s all your’s
Baby, baby, tell me, what chu, what chu, waiting for........"

Now, hit ur brain?? Remember dy?? Excellent!! hahaha..
My name is Nina too..(Sure all of u said "Apa kaitan??".. Sure la got k!!)
So, most of my colleagues keep on calling me "MIZZ NINA" now...
" When r u getting married wif Noh Hujan??"
What kind of question laa...
Now, one of the consultants also started to call me "MIZZ NINA"
and asked me..
" U know Mizz Nina?? her song?? Die orang ape ye??"
Am i a reporter??
huhuhu..but nvmind laa as long they col me by name...

Wow!! Mizz Nina fever spread dy...
Better watch out k!!!

p/s :  Aku ni byk nama org panggil.. But lately they also started to col me  "Nin".. What a funny name la??hahaha.. Normally ppl col me Farah, Nina, Na, Wanina.. Got 1 more but that only for my budak buchuk!!hehehe..

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