Friday, February 25, 2011


 Let me share something from my reading...
" Experts are puzzling out why the female brain processes tension so differently from male.."
" An old adages says a little stress is good for memory and a lot is bad..."
" Going through a serious trauma can actually make the brain shrink in size.." 
Research show, for women, acute stress can enhance memory. To boost memory stress needs to be at some kind of an optimal level. The rule to use in finding stress balance is an optimal level of alertness, without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Even you aware that stress can do evil things to you, you may not realize that it can also batter your looks.

Look at your face:

  1. You are getting blemish.
  2. Developed  dark circle and puffiness at your eye even thought you had enough sleep.
  3. Your forehead and cheeks have a rough texture.
Tune into your body:
  1. Your legs,arms and neck are itchy.
  2. You are so tense that your neck and shoulders are stiff and sore most of the time and your lower back often aches and twinges.
Examine your hair:
  1. Your hair condition has changed for the worse.
  2. Noticing you have more breakage.
  3. Your hair colour's fading faster than usual and you now need to dye it every few weeks.
p/s: I get this information from a few magazines ex: cosmopolitan and women's health..

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