Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hye , Assalamualaikum..~~ Waalaikumusalam w.b.t ~~ =)

Ok, lets start ur day with smile. Once open ur eye, smile no matter what coz Allah still give u chance to live.,
Great!!! Aharkkss!! Alhadullillah, Thank u!!

Jarang-jarang kite cerita tentang diri kita sendiri kan? Are u interested to know??
If YES lets check it out!!!
If NO lets check out from my blog!!! Hahaha....
(Sum ppl will say " Up to me la nak baca ke tak ok!!!" hahaha)

My full name is W** N*** F****** binti W** A**** N**** (stated on my ic k..). 

Now i'm working at eye hospital sumwhere in Petaling Jaya.. U know P.J?? hehehe... Before working, this eye hospital sponsored me to further my studies in Diploma in Nursing (July 2007 - July 2010). They send me to Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing or well known as Assunta Hospital. This Assunta had their own college. Did u notice that??hahaha.. Before i came to this place, i never heard which hell this place.. TTCL is the 1st private nursing college open in Malaysia. Most of the students are sponsored. They wont take too much students. Never ever reach 100 students.. So convenient rite? Owh, not mistaken my group juz had 56 students..

Now, im working wif this eye hospital and bond for 5 years and im registered staff nurse.. Wah!! Not great ok!! Hahaha.. They throw me in Operation Theater. Most of the cases are cataract operation. Yaa, u know what. I had few chances to witness case which is taking out ur whole eye ball!!! Scary or not?? Hahaha.. But i never had chance to assist the surgeon to do that. Most of them want the senior staff only!! Too bad!! I'm had been there 1year+... Still a lot of things to learn..huhu..

Owh yaaa, even im working in eye hospital but its too hard for me to persuade my father to do cataract operation. He said he still can see wif glasses.. Duno what to say edy.. So, let him decide la whatever he want and wish.. Many times, im still getting same answer.. hahahaha....

Im going to further my study in Degree next year, maybe middle of the year.. Insyaallah.. Pray for me k..

p/s : Seandainya mampu ku undurkan waktu~~
Kite mmg suka merepek sebab kite tak tau nak story ape kat sni.. any one had an idea? Let me know k..tq..

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