Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last Sunday, me, my Budak Buchuk and his frens..
Kitorang gi makan at Chocolate Lounge, Pavilion..
sbb my bf eager sgt nk makan kat situ..
So, y not we give a try on it, rite??huhuhu..

So, we pon order la foods..
Tak tahu nak order what bcoz nothing special or different from others..

Chicken Chop "sumthing"..RM24.90

Snow White Frappe and Fair Lady Frappe..RM16.90/one
 Chicken chop tu boleh tahan la but the others memang tak sedap,OUT!!!
Me ordered Chicken Terrayaki..(wah memang tak sedap gilerrr!!)
Spaghetti die pon out gak!!
My drink (F.L.F) boleh tahan la tapi manis sangat (saya anti manis k..huhu)
But my Budak Buchuk pny (S.W.F) rasa mcm baby milk..yakkss!!
 S.W.F based on white choc but tak rasa mcm white choc pon.. seriously!!
*Banyak songeh lak aku ni...hehehe..*

Ok, dah habis makan!! huhuhu....

p/s : After makan we tengok movie FAST 5..yeah!!nice movie.. U should go and watch.. Enjoy!!! Then, lepak at Sweet Chat...huhu...